Thanx Momita!

Thanx for my birthday card Momita. Also thank you again for the get well card for my Wife.

You are the QUEEN of the UG!


What a great person.

How's your wife doing BTW, Doug?

TTT For the queen of the UG~!

You're welcome Dougie, just doing my thang....... & there are lots of "Queens" at, who do some pretty great things! Even "Kings" abound here, each of us is kinda like the sport we love, a mixture of people who help make this the best dam sport in the world!!!

She finished her first set of 12 chemotherapies and they didn't get it all, so they have to do 6 more high dose salvage chemotherapies and then a stem cell transplant. We just finished #3 of the 6.

Hope everything turns out ok, take care.

TTT for Doug and his wife.

You have my most heartfelt support.