That Brazillian Girl On FightQuest

(sorry No Pics)

She was hot and had great tecnique.

Oh man.....

yup, looked good to me too!

Ban.....fucking...... Ban!!!!!!!!

I'd let her triangle me so I could smell her vag for 3 seconds till I passed out into pure bliss.

show some respect. She probably outranks all of you.

She was a blue belt, man....a blue belt.

But she *was* hot.....

I thought they said that she was a mundial champ.

national champ. four strip blue belt ='s outranks most ug'ers.

I remember rolling with a female purple belt when I first started. I was bigger and stronger than her, yet she absolutely destroyed me. It was an interesting experience.

"national champ. four strip blue belt ='s outranks most ug'ers."

LOL ... funny cuz its true!!

LOL ... funny cuz its true!!

yep. This thread got slightly more respectful . . . suddenly.

So we arent allowed to think or say someone's cute unless they are below us in rank?

Bring on the cute white belts then!