That CW Rumble was kinda cool.

I would have liked to see it go a little bit longer though, but whatever. Glad to see Chavo win. lol, he cracks me up.

Actually, I really would have liked to see Funaki win. lol

Yeah,those cruiserweights are really spectacular with their heavyweight-esque moves.

WWE Cruiserweight Division=on life support

Torrie needs a good Foostyle banging I guarantee.

"WWE Cruiserweight Division=on life support"

Sad but true. It can't be that hard to fix, can it?? There seems to be some good talent in there and if not there I'm sure they could find it elsewhere easily. What's the problem??

I honestly don't think they want to have the cruiserweight division anymore.
If there were no cruiserweight division,I guarantee that the cruisers like Mysterio,would become the new Brooklyn Brawler or Barry Horowitz.

To me,it seems like the WWE is on a treadmill,still chasing after that piece of steak known as the "Attitude Era".

Plus,Torrie needs a good Foostyle banging I guarantee.