That don't hardly seem fair (vid)

Heavy slam. It's where beauty and brutality meet...and have lunch.

"At least you didn't have to fight that guy, Nick" says the coach sarcastically.

At least you didn't have to fight that guy, Nick...INDEED!

What an overmatch, orange belt vs black belt, black belt with USA patch on his gi.

I'm guessing Dallas Invitational, but who knows.



Well, if that's how they treat invited guests in Dallas, then.......NO THANK-YOU!

the orange belt guy looked so awkward.

And who would let a orange belt enter the senior points division anyway?

Luckily, he looks like he has practiced his ukemi, because tori sure didn't have any regard for his safety.

But then, he did enter the balls to the wall division.


who cares, both are better from it..thats why we bow in the beginning to thank the other for the opportunity to learn...

Whats the big deal, noone is hurt, was beautiful to watch and life goes happens everyday.

"Ah Quincy," he say with resignation, "somebody cares."

Who? Same types who cry watching bambi,imo.

I meant....about YOU.

I won't be able to respond for a while. Sorry.

was that some kind of homo sexual comment? (tightens gi pants)

I liked my pickup slam of the brown belt better than this. This USA patch guy needs to pick people like that up and run around a little bit first. He's too nice.

The orange belt has my respect too. He didn't cower and wait, he went right after that guy. Mismatches happen, fair's got nothing to do with it.

perhaps a masters comp? they often group weights together regardless of belts to make enough for a division..thoughts?