That guy Eddie fought is a turd

I side with the fouled fighter 99.9% of the time (just this month, Aljamain deserved the DQ win and Leon should have been DQd) but my god that guy folded against Eddie. Screaming like a goof after he heard the ref at watch the back of the head, he wanted out. Absolutely shameful.

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Rules Is rules and I am gutted for Eddie but he hit him clearly in the back of the head repeatedly.

Sucks for Eddie. He is a class act and I root for him.



I thought if you were turning away from strikes and they catch the back of your head, that’s on you. Terrible decision


That’s if you turn away after the strike has been thrown. He had his head tucked in for awhile. That was at least 5 clean shots to the back of the head.

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Yeah they were dirty shots, not denying that. The ref did his job. I’m saying that beyond a shadow of a doubt, that guy hammed up his best Oscar performance after he heard the ref say watch the back of the head. He wanted a way out and found one.


Sterling still holds the title for best performance IMO


Nah man he took a hell of a knee and was definitely concussed, he wouldn’t have been the same after that. Not that he was doing great, but still. Ref should have called it way sooner and took all the blame. Whereas this guy today ONLY acted like he did because he knew he’d get at worst a NC, he wasn’t hurt. Not even a little.

I agree AJ deserved the DQ win, but the theatre of it was no different. Both embellished the after effects of their fouls.

This is what I thought too. Stoppage win for Eddie imo


The odd thing, is those shots didn’t even faze Lapicus UNTIL the referee warned about the back of the head shots. All of a sudden it was like Lapicus got shot in the back of the head with a shotgun. Terrible acting job.

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Those shots looked like they were more behind the ear.

This was number one bullshit.

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Lol! It was like he heard the ref say the magic words.

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except for the whole doctor @ the hospital saying he was fine thing…but we can ignore that i guess.


Look at this angle.

From this angle it really looks like he purposely is turning his head and it looks like a total bitch move.

This is FIGHTING. If this was a street fight he would not have just turned his head to get hit like that. Learn the skill to tie/clinch up and/or escape but that turning your head to play the rules game is bitchmade imo

^^^^I don’t get it. I mean try to go for that underhook would be what’s going on in my head

That was sum weak ass shit.

You were on American cable tv bro, still got ur ass kicked.

That looks alot like the side of the neck just behind the ear to me. And its funny you can blast a downed opponent in the face with a knee. But can’t do that?