That guy who only goes for leg locks

"That guy" will save your ass in a tournament someday. Getting all of that experience in training is great.

BJJRoxy -
Jits_n_Hoez - stop allowing him to set up leg locks. BOOOOOOOOOM

If someone is only going for leg locks, they will eventually get one. Truth! Unless I keep my guard closed 100% of the time Phone Post


A couple things. He will eventually plateau once everyone in class starts to learn to defend them. Second, he is actually doing you a favor by MAKING you learn to defend leg locks. Thirdly, learn to defend leg locks!!!!! Complaining about it is no different than complaining about someone only armbarring you.

Learn from the experience. As long as this dude isn't hurting people. Phone Post

leg locks all day!!! in the words of iron sheik, the learning defend, or go fuck yourself forever

as long as he is not going for heel hooks- then its cool. If he is attacking with anklelocks then using it to advance position etc.

What if it were armbars that he kept hitting on you rather than leglocks? How would you feel then, and what would you do about it? There's your answer: train avoidance, train survival and escape, train to gain dominate position. Phone Post

Sounds like you are just pissed that he leg locks you.If you constantly defended it then he would stop doing it because it was unsuccessful.I used to train at a school where nobody did leglocks.I was tapping quite a few guys that were above me in belt.Eventually some guys would just straight up say "No leglocks" before we rolled. WTF? Well while training there I thought I was the best in the world at the straight ankle lock.Since, I've been training at a school that does them all the time and guys defend it well.So I just stopped doing them pretty much.By whining about it you'll never be good at defending them.

If you compete often and the straight ankle lock is allowed at your level, you need to be aware of it and how to defend.

If there are other locks being done, you're getting early exposure but maybe ask to tone them down closer to competition time so you can train like how you will compete.

Either way, leg locks are going to be part of the game and it sounds like you are getting a chance to get ahead of the curve.

I'd see this as a good thing. You have someone to drill against to learn defense and counters to knee bars. There is a guy in my school that is incredibly good at triangles. Rolling with him has helped my triangle defense like nothing else. I can't make any mistakes in his guard or he will catch me. I learned nuances to triangles that I never would have noticed. Phone Post

i really believe, besides the heel hook other leg locks are ok to roll with in class. Especially in high blue and above.

so you only want people to play your way? lol!

I love going for leg locks. I go for the straight ankle from everywhere - side control, mount - you name it
if I dee your foot I'm jumping on it.

If he defends well he ends up on top, in half or in a knee slide past type position. He could also counter with his own footlock.

I don't see a problem. If you don't like getting foot locked. Defend it better :) Phone Post

roxy did you figure it out yet?

It's annoying if that is the centerpiece strategy for a bjj game. Leg locks should supplement a game not be the only aspect of it. If that's the case go do shoot fighting.

Most ankle lock attempts I see training tend to be an act of desperation. It's the default move if ones passing isnt good enough.. Phone Post

I dont see a point of this thread? I may only be a white belt, but if he can get the leg lock on you, why not? You can use him as a way to practice leg lock defense..

You can't go to a tournement and complain if you lose your match because all he went for was armbars, or kimuaras or leg locks?

But correct me if i'm missing something?

joshjitsu - Be thankful he's there. Use him to work/defend leg locks. Actually a blessing in disguise.

This! Phone Post

The place I train at is pretty relaxed about leg locks and foot locks. A lot of people I roll with will just as likely attack a leg as an arm. I was also surprised when the teacher started showing some to me at white belt. It's tough and I was quite wary/scared of them at first, but I'm getting more used to defending and I'm sure it will be helpful in the long run, as long as I work on my passing first.