That Kline Kader guy who was trolling Cody G. died

They haven't said what happened, but he was a weird dude. Assuming he was beating off while choking himself or something.

R.I.P. I guess. He made me laugh a few times.

Yeah, his family posted on his Twitter account that he passed.

The messages seem legit, but who knows. Maybe he's trolling his own death.

Maybe the streetfighting life finally caught up to him. He was in some real wars.

It's fake 

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It's fake 

Hopefully. Dude was annoying, but he doesn't need to be dead.



someone should update his wikipedia page with his victory over cody 


its the right thing thing to do #rip

Weird, he stopped posting on Instagram, his last post he was in Ireland to fight Conner 

Wow he really did die 

Dude probably mixed alcohol, steroids, pain killers and coke on the reg and died of a heart attack. I'm calling it now. Pro-Wrestlown3d

Maybe he tried to pick on some dude again and got curb stomped

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Wow he really did die 

He couldn’t have just posted that on his own account? Didn’t Bloodstain Lane fake his own death way back when and come back reborn and without the gimmick?

This. That message doesnt prove anything. wtf

Someone is still posting on his Twitter account on "behalf of the Kader estate"

Sounds fishy

He went to Ireland to fight Conor and got beat to death by a gang of drunk Irishmen

Not convinced this is true.

Just googled his name and realized that’s exactly what he wanted me to do. Fuck

Obviously the queer is giving up his stupid ass persona - thus, he has died.

he'll pop back up with a badly dyed beard, trying out another character like a pro wrestler

Lol @ this, for sure he’s playing a dead angle