That narcan ain't no joke

A woman OD’d on something today and was completely unresponsive for at least a minute before the staff could hit her with the narcan. I was watching from across the street but was shocked when the woman that was just completely unresponsive hopped up and started marching on down the road. Sad thing is she’s just gonna do it again.

true and true…

also, when the hit of narcan wears off she can go back into overdose

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Years and years ago, I saw a guy that was comatose from overdose as well. This was 2004/05.

The ER doctor shrugged and said “fuck it. Try it and see.”

They hit him with it and the guy stood up on the gurney like that old vampire movie and began turning around in a circle while projectile vomiting and screaming “I DON’T LIKE THAT!”

It was definitely some of the more disturbing shit that I’ve seen in my life.

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Narcan makes addicts go into withdrawals too so there’s no doubt they are going to go right back out and get dope

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Girl I went to high school with did that. Boyfriend OD’d/died. She OD’d the next day and got narcan. Leaves hospital, continues to use, dies.

She had two kids who are now being raised by elderly grandparents who saved their whole lives to buy a sailboat to sail around the world. The sailboat has been sold. Very sad all around.

That’s so sad, drugs really do ruin lives. It’s why I’m not on board with the whole legalize everything movement…

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I was sitting/parked in a parking lot talking on phone.

Guy runs into the back of my pick up starts pushing truck forward a little.

Once I get out he is passed out looks dead behind driver wheel

I reached in his vehicle put it in park it sounded like going’s to explode from engine revving

Some dude thought guy was going to swallow his tongue guy stuck his hand in mouth ( idiot ) I told,him to shove a wallet in mouth to bite on but using his hand was crazy

Several bystanders thought the guy was dead

Cops showed up with fire department/ paramedics and gave him the Narcan it was amazing

Cops fire department were so nonchalant saying see this about everyday