That One Hurt

No matter what people say about RJJ.In my eyes he was pretty much superman.I have even argued slightly against him in some threads on this forum but he was still one of my favs.You can say you saw tech. flaws in his stance and he just made up for it with freakish speed and reflexes and it was bound to happen eventually, but to see it happen in the manner that it did left me standing in my living room, jaw agape feeling almost helpless.I was more of a fan than I had ever realized, the years of entertainment and doing things in the ring nobody else could do left me always secretly cheering for him.If I ever had doubts it was only to see him prove me wrong again.I had begun to believe he would just always some how get it done,and be amusing while doing it.To see it come to a screeching hault like this was a shock.For all the vultures standing by, wait first for the moment of silence to end,and respects to be given.

How did I know people would misunderstand!Not saying he is finished just saying that the superman aura around him died.This thread was defending him against all the immediate attackers.I was saying give the man some respect before you start attacking.Look at the title: that one hurt, and it did I never thought I would see that and was expressing the hurt.How could you not catch that?

What!Do you even read before you respond?When I said superman died I was expressing how I felt, complete shock.I hope he comes back, He is the man but the unthinkable happened and the superman aura is gone I don't think I will ever be this shocked at a fight outcome again.Why I am even explaining this is beyond me, it takes away from the thread.Sorry you are slow.

LOL Joe, it's funny when someone is lacking the intelligence to understand something they resort to namecalling and mockery.I said what I wanted and am done with this thread. FUCK YOU Joe,stay behind that keyboard.There I dropped to your level so you can understand.I'm out

Take it easy, guys. I had a similar reaction, Jay-dog, when Douglas upset Tyson. I couldn't really believe it for a few days.