That seemed excessive... crazy person gets stomped

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There’s more missing frames in this video than there were in the crazy horse and chute box brawl. I’ll need more context. But it seems pretty damn excessive.

That stomp is gonna cost him time in the clink.

That wasn’t right. Zhe didn’t agree to Pride Rules before hand.

Always fight unified rules in the street, as the likelihood of committing a major felony is slightly less.

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Who knows what happened before, but that did seem excessive.

Maybe stomper was secretly aroused by zher and the urge to conceal it manifested as extreme violence. Seems like a kick in it’s behind would have sufficed as there was hardly a threat.

The crazy person is just curled up watching the kick come in what probably seemed like slow motion to them. Like someone else said, there cuts don’t really help. The guy who did the stomping wasn’t in any of the previous interactions and is just there at the end.