That Transgender College Swimmer Finally Met ‘Her’ Match!

But she shouldnt call herself or refer to herself as a man then right? Shes transitioning to a man but will only be a female when it suits her?
Whats your call.

she isnt on anything yet, she just had her breasts removed, so still female (lol weird having to say that)

Ah no titties = less drag pun intended
Lia still has a hog i assume so more drag

well a charitable view would be that she wants to swim competitively and right now she can only swim with women according to the rules, so she is doing that. if she was doing something to give her an advantage that would be different.

unless women can just say they identify as men and compete in mens sports wherever she is, then you could say she is being a hypocrite. not sure if thats a thing in many places, hard to keep up with this shit these days.

I’m sure they can but that would be tough sailing in any sport I can think of except maybe childbirth.

Have canine competitions prepared for this inevitability? Theres $$$ in dog shows.


there’s money in the banana stand.

Fear Stalker GIF by South Park

And this is the direction you take it. You are a sick, worthless fuck.

Best hope you stay anonymous around here, Mr. M4 salary schedule. Wouldn’t want another NY state employee to be held accountable for his deviant conduct.

I love this story so much.

Each chapter gets more and more absurd.

No transfaggots will ever be allowed on my mat….
I don’t support mentally ill cross-dressing pedo fucks…

I was I live and let live guy until these faggots started pushing their hard leftist bullshit and going after kids with their “drag queen story time” and their sick indoctrination of school children…

As for trannies competing in woman’s sports (especially woman’s MMA), they are pathetic excuses for human beings…

I don’t know why they haven’t done it yet but every real female should just boycott the tournaments altogether. Stop competing. Then there can be no sport. Money will talk and the freaks will fuck off.


Perhaps the dude turning into chick and chick turning into dude will get married and adopt a hermaphrodite



Amazingly, a surgeon somewhere consented to do that.

So, for those that still think everyone in medicine is good…

Given the attention that Thomas just received, I suppose there’s no chance that Thomas deliberately threw the race.

For the greater trans cause?

Finkle is Einhorn….or Einhorn is Finkle