That Transgender College Swimmer Finally Met ‘Her’ Match!

Could a dolphin enter the competition if it identifies as a person?


Maybe it all boils down to which of the two had more testosterone in their system. That would help in an athletic competition, wouldn’t it?

Ok this crap pisses me off. This is not sexist but just biology. Everything about the male body growing up will be better then females when it comes to sports. Males have denser bones, better twitch reflexes, more solid muscle tissue, wider frame, and the list could go on but the point is men are built better for any type of physical activity. It does not matter if a male starts taking estrogen in high levels at age 25 because the fact is the male went through puberty. At the very start males and females grow different. You can not just give some hormone blockers and stop all the changes that already happened.

This shit used to only be contrived by writers at The Onion. It is now real life.