That was bullshit it was 48-47 Wonderboy!

Title should say 48-47 fuck this shit! 



Fuck these bullshit judges what was the 3rd round that Woodley win he only took 3 & 5?

Gotta beat the champ 

28-27? Hmmm.

I agree

I guess they only fought 3 rounds

Woodley only took 5th 10-8. 10-9 wonderboy 1-4

False. Draw at best. Outstruck Wonderbread badly

oh well, who gives a fuck..


Both lost fans tonight. 

Dafuq kinda scoring system you using

I would've given Woodley round 1. Neither guy did much of anything but he did land the biggest strike of the round



OP is correct.

48-47 Wonderboy won that shit!

I had it 32-24 Wonderboy

(pi^2)*5.07 - sqrt(2025), Wonderboy imo

Wonderboy won 3-2 or a draw if last rd was 10-8. No real other way to score this. A retard could have scored it properly with how little action there was

Judges gave Woodley round 2....don't know how.

PHOENIXmike - False. Draw at best. Outstruck Wonderbread badly

He did not outstrike WB badly. Only big ones at the end of rd 5 and some GnP in round 3 - the 2 rounds he won.

WB had forward pressure, landed kicks, and punches in 1,2,4 - while Woodley's mostly missed.

You must have been watching a low res stream.

How the judges have Woodley round 2 is insane Wonderboy controlled round 2 Woodley did nothing.

MMA Girls - Judges gave Woodley round 2....don't know how.

I would've gone:

1 10-9 Thompson

2 10-10

3 10-9 Woodley

4 10-10

5 10-9 Woodley