That was one of Justin's best performances of his career

Brought the pain but didnt forget his brain. Also used some wrestling finally and made a difference in making think about it. Had the fight gone 5 the wrestling would have made even more difference on a worn day Fiziev.

Fiziev was the younger, faster, more credential’ed striker but Justin’s experience, composure and tools won out in the end. His chin is still in fact. His Tony win was a great performance but he had Tony’s number. His war with Chandler was a slobber knocker but Fiziev is a better striker and he used his smarts more tonigh to win.

Imagine if Justin actually used his offensive wrestling throughout his career?


Master class in that 3rd round with the jabs and uppercuts.


You’re drunk but make very solid points.


Absolutely spot on. So glad he mixed in some takedowns/wrestling. It opens up SO much for him. That was a fun fight to watch. Justin looked great.

I was watching with my little ones and my wife walked in when they were showing slow mo replays before they announced the winner. fizeiv’s face was raw meat and snot was hanging and flying everywhere. Needless to say, I’m probably not getting laid this eve


Thats what the OG is for, bro. :kissing_heart:


Totally agree. That was amazing. I trained with fizeiv in Thailand. Guy is a beast and so fast. Justin tore him up in round three. Huge props to Justin.


Lost 275 thinking it was gonna end before the final bell. Win some, lose some


That’s what made the fight so great for Justin. He was outgunned and out speeded thru early parts but Justin’s experience and composure came thru.


Yeah, Fiziev had the long kicks but Justin was able to do more on closer range in r3 and while the uppercuts did the most, the jab clearly set them up and gave Fiziev some trouble. Where was Usman’s jab? Justin isn’t known for his jab either.

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Fiziev fucked up by going to Sanford MMA. His cardio has taken a giant shit ever since going there.

Justin proved to be the better striker tonight.

Good post. Very accurate

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It was nice to see the takedown I didn’t expect OP. Better was his mindset and strategy. He landed heavy and got drawn in but he was definitely smarter in this fight than in others. I’d love to see him make a run….Islam is too much for him though on the ground.

Justin is way more technical than he gets credit for. I was not surprised by that. But damn Fiziev can take some shots! With his style, he’ll always be a force if he can keep fights standing.


Yes he still doesn’t survive Islam or Charles on the ground however he could prob give Charles a better fight. Also Islam is interesting cuz Khabib pressured Gaethje but Islam doesn’t fight like that although of course striking is very dam good as we saw vs Volk and Charles.

He has the tools to give Islam trouble just has that big gap on the ground. We saw it offensively with Kamaru as well as he can’t take advantage when Leon gave his back.