That whale....

Has just been harpooned!" Lmao!!!

Undoubtedly the best line ever from Larry Merchant.

I thought Klit looked strong, but I dont like how he keeps his head so high up. Someone will eventually make him pay for that.

Johnson should never be allowed to get another big payday. The biggest fight of his career, and he cant be bothered to get into shape? WTF?

Mesi barely squeeked by, but I gave it to him.... barely! Am I the only one who thinks he'd be wide open for a drop back hook?

Johnson should be ashamed of himself coming into a major fight out of shape.

The Duva's gave him a big signing bonus. Money they will never get back. I was also suprised that so many on this forum picked him after the Ruiz and Donald fights.

Slick - Forget the Ruiz fight, he looked like he gained 100 pounds since the weigh-in!!!

Vitali showed great power, aggression and charisma against Johnson, but he also showed some weaknesses. He's stiff, unathletic, and leaves himself exposed to take big shots. He leaves his chin high, hands low and crouches down in a wide stance. Brother Wlad is clearly the more skilled and athletic fighter.

Johnson should just hand up the gloves now. When I saw the roll I though he was pathetic...I don't even have words to go with what I though of him when I saw the stretch marks.

He walked into the ring with the same kind of energy he showed in the ring...NONE! He was already winded after the first round and showed absolutely nothing for the 2 rounds he managed to roll around the ring.

I bet on him , but it was just on the of chance he
could land a big punch. I did'nt think he would win.

"Man, what do you mean he showed no energy?! He was putting everything he had into every punch. Also, I didn't notice him being any fatter then he has been before."

LMAO...please tell me there's some sarcasm buried in those sentences.

I'm glad that I read this thread. I thought I was the only one who noticed the stretch marks.

Robert Baker

I think its sad that people like this bitter old man.

michael jackson for his entrance music. on top of that, notice that he got lost on his way to the ring.