That xenophobe Biden

Is gonna start building the wall again.



You fuckin twats!!!

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I hope he’s prepared for all the heat he’s gonna get from the media

the media isn’t gonna say shit except for how now it’s ok because insert bullshit reason here, but was racist when Trump did it because insert different bullshit reason here.


He won’t get shit from media or all the lefty faggots you know on social media. Every one of those cocksuckers will excuse it if they even bring it up at all.

The only heat he’ll get from the media is from the candles on the cake they are going to bake for him for coming up with such a good idea.

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Michael Jordan Lol GIF by ESPN



Oh. So you guys don’t think he’ll face the same media wrath Trump did? Weird. Are you guys fortune tellers?

I know nothing of your politics I am from the UK.

But every time I hear Biden talk I think he’s being advised by Tito Ortiz.


Quite possibly Tito helped with the speeches of the last two administrations

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Oh the irony. The left called the wall racist and a waste of money. Now Biden wants to build the wall, the left will stay silent.

Legit LOL!

No sir, I’m no fortune teller, just an educated observer, and based on the way they’ve been treating Biden for the 1st three months of his administration compared to the way they covered and distorted every single thing Trump said or did regardless of whether it was good or bad since day 1 is why I am of that opinion.

The media almost never positively covered a story about Trump, his administration, his family or everything and anyone 3 degrees separated from Trump for 4 years, except for the time he sent in 50 cruise missiles to a mostly desolate military base in Syria. It’s a bit odd, isn’t it? He received glowing praise by the MSM for doing something that most of his voters denounced.

I’m not being a dick or hostile here, I’m just trying to explain why I don’t believe the media will treat Biden with even 5% of the vigor, ferocity and hostility that they treated and covered Trump.

Legit LOL

I think they said he ran okay for a fat man…

Or maybe I’m thinking of something else…

No, the media will run cover for him… there’s 0 chance the media runs any bad stories about Biden right now. They can’t, it’s too close to how badly they treated Trump. If they bust on Biden, it puts it out there to all the lemmings that still follow it and are on the left that think Trump was some utter failure and terrible president. They start running true stories about Biden and it just opens them up to being called hypocrites and further alienating the low amount of a reader base they still have left. I doubt too many republicans read the Times or any paper anymore, other than the Post… NY. Most media is left leaning. So running true stories on Biden, might kick the bucket.

Sarcasm does not translate well in a forum like the OG. Especially the new forum

I picked up on your sarcasm about a third of the way through writing my FRAT comment. Unfortunately I was in too deep at that point lol

Where’s left fag troll squad? It’s so weird how they never show up in threads like this.