thats califlower just checked!!

any info?

damn weeks i dont think i wanna do that lol i aint got no insurance either so i dont wanna pay 200 bucks for this shit my boy just six stiches and it cost him 200 i aint payin that

Either put up with the cauliflower or get ear guards. Even if you get it drained it'll keep coming back (and get worse) until you start wearing ear guards or manage to protect your head more :)

let it grow

Why dont you drain it yourself? Just get a syringe, poke it in (try not to hit cartilage, then just suck up all the bad stuff. After that just apply iodine on it and some pressure. You're done :-)

Chesse sauce is also good to put on it!

I've been letting mine grow. No one seems to notice them yet so its all good.

bring an ice pack to practice and ice down the ear to keep the swelling down. This will keep the ear from accumilating fluid so fast. Periodically apply pressure to the inflammed area to dispurse the fluid then reapply the ice pack. Do this for about 20 minutes or so. This will slow the process down and may stop it all together. This must be done every time the ear(s) become aggrevated. Hope this helps.

Lightly massage your ear at night, it will help the swelling and allow it to harden up quicker.. Worked for me


PS Massage NOT Squeeze.