THATS how you make a statement!!

Fuck yeah!!


he tried to pull Cubs head off and take it home

No, he walked over and ripped his head off of his body. Literally.

Not a single punch was thrown.

"I take it he just popped him flush then jumped on top and got an a good enough guillotine?"

Nope. Cub shot for a takedown right off the opening bell, Jens easily stuffed it and threw him down, then choked him out. No punches thrown.

sprawled his way to a mystery choke (anaconda or ezekiel or something)

Fuck, I'm not a Jens fan, never have been but damn, that was impressive. I've never seen him sub a guy before.

omg brutal

looked like an Ezekiel choke to me. On the replay you could see how tight that choke really was.

"I'm not a Jens fan"

How come? The guy's been in some classics.

ttt for Lil Evil

That was fucking hilarious. Like six months of talking shit for only 30 seconds of action. They should have made it 2 out of 3. Bad news is that now Jens is gonna get ran through the elbow buzz saw from Faber.

It was a 10-finger guillotine, but Cub tried to twist out and Jens wrenched his neck. At the end Cub twisted back and it was a clean 10-finger that ended it.