That's it!

My cheapskate tendencies and my current lack of private transportation can stop me NO LONGER! I'm going to make myself a sandbag.

They do allow 100's of pounds of sand on city buses right?

Wish me luck. I'm going to the bank right now to recieve my funding for this momentus project!

By this time tomorrow, i will finally own a SAND BAG!!


How about a wheel barrel?

So you never really grappled before, but since you carried a sandbag around for two days, you were able to school a state wrestling champion and jiu-jitsu practitioner who outweighed you by 65 pounds? God I hope this is a joke.

If I saw you on a bus with a sandbag, I would shake your hand.

And laugh behind your back.

let me get this straight, you carried this thing around in your arms and hands, not in a backpack or something?

SoldAssassin if you did that you are THE MAN. Sounds bloody crazy to me to crry this dam bag around all day!

I'm not suprised you felt you were levitating after leaving it behind. Kind of like one of those plastic babies you have for testing/caring for as part of a project. But in your case it was a sandbag!


Alright kids, it's time to start your own thread. This one is mine.

Let me tell you, the weather was not with me that day friends. Several feet of snow, however, didnt stop me from 'borrowing' the company truck and heading out towards the bank. Slipping and sliding, i finally made it only to find out it was closed. It was the one in the next town over that was open on saturdays.


I returned... defeated. No money = no sandbag.

Today was different though. I got a hold of my dad's truck, got to the bank and secured some cash. I went to the hardware store and bought 140 lbs of sand (two 70 lb tubes) which cost in the neighborhood of 8 dollars.

Once i arrived home i brought in the sand and returned the truck to my father. Next up: Army surplus.

heavy duty bag: $26

on the way back home i stopped at the grocery store and bought a box of sandwich bags, a box of lunch bags, and some mac and cheese (for post workout).

Now im at school, about to write up a philosophy paper. Afterwards i'm going to start putting that sucker together.

I'll take pics.


Sounds good vermonter. Tell us how it goes!



That's ok. I was half kidding ;) Whatever keeps it ttt'd!

Well, i've got all the materials. Im going to start putting it together tonight, but i was playing with the tubes last night (70lbs each) and after just a few seconds my heart rate skyrocketed.

I can't freakin wait.