Thats President Pacquiao To You

Manny Pacquiao has faced many opponents in the ring, but now he’s entering a far more brutal sport … Presidential politics.

Manny says he’s gonna run for President of the Philippines in next year’s election. He accepted the nomination of his party – the PDP-Laban party – at Sunday’s convention. True to form, Manny told the crowd, “I am a fighter, and I will always be a fighter inside and outside the ring,” adding, “I wholeheartedly, bravely and humbly hope for your support.”

The 42-year-old is throwing his hat in the ring just at the right time … citizens in the country are fed up with the government and many are demanding a change, and Manny may be just the change they’re after.


Conor, and his second manager Dana White, went from having the Pacquiao fight on the table and being the A side… being able to fight a future President… to now getting owned by Machine Gun Kelly at a teen music award show.


Damn It Wesley Snipes GIF by IMDb

tat tat tat tat tat tat tat.

(that was a machine gun going off by the way, jaja…)

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Paquiao is known for being bad with money, agreeing with his yes men in every instance…and overall being a retard outside of the boxing ring. He’d make a great president.