THAT'S why nobody likes Boxing!


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bad dec

4 who

This fight should be good.

i had Dawson winning by two rounds... its wasn't a bad decsion just the scores were way off

Johnson got screwed again, huh? That guy never gets a break?

good fight, IMO.

WAR TARVER!!!! Rep Tampa!

Dawson ran, Tarver ran. Woods sucks.

"Thats why nobody likes Boxing"

And MMA judging is all so scientific...huh?

Bad judging//reffing in BOTH sports smart guy.

See Cecil Peoples*

Did you watch Margarito and Cotto do their thing last night, Abe? That's why so many still like boxing.

they were great to watch

if you were watching HBO, you'd be thinking differently. Besides, Showtime has been trying to set up Dawson vs Tarver forever!!!

Tarver is tired though

dawson and johnson was a better fight than i expected mainly because dawson traded with him instead of outboxing him to an easy decision. that said I had dawson up 3 rounds