The #1 sub chain in the country

I like Jimmy Johns. They are pretty tasty and had a drive thru where I went.

Do you even roast pork and brocolli rabe, bro?

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Jersey Mikes for me (not in my area) but nobody has said Togos? clear #2 with #3 being Quizno`s.

Togo`s = good portions.


Jimmy John’s is god tier

It’s definitely on my list. My BIL lives just outside of Philadelphia. Need to hop on a plane for a weekend and check it out. I’m afraid it’ll ruin all other sandwiches for me.

Capriotti’s is legit. They’re only around Delaware and Las Vegas though.

White House is great.

I could never get into Jimmy John’s or Jersey Mike’s, they are poor versions of White House. You can order White House subs on Goldbelly now and they travel really well.

Its pretty damn costly for a sub but Primos does ship. Of course the meats would be on dry ice so thats likely how the rolls are shipped too. Rolls likely would not taste as good as a fresh one but I’m sure people still get them shipped to get their fix.

Subways are found in so much higher numbers compared to other sub chains (or other restaurants in general) as, from what I understand, they’re one of the cheaper franchises to buy into, open up, and operate.

No way. I’ll wait for the authentic experience. Love/hate will undoubtedly be the memory. I’ll hate the fact I can’t get them weekly but it’s probably for the best.

as a $ dumber they aren’t super expensive, but as a ratio to revenue it is awful. Most franchisees are operating on razor thin margins and taking losses.

same. remember the fortune machine in there.

Ok I finally tried Jersey Mike’s.

Decent subs for a chain, bread quality was better than a lot of mom n pops and so was the meat.

To me though, on the five star scale, Subway is a 1 star sub, Jersey Mikes is 3 star sub, Primos is a 5 star sub.

So Mikes was good, still nothing compared to Primos, there are levels to these things.