The 2022 Used Car Apocalypse

Greed Kills.


Me talking about this subject here the past couple years…

going off alex jones GIF


While I’m in the market for a car, I don’t mind waiting for things to get back to normal before worrying about it


Gonna wait until 2023 for a new car, my 2009 F150 is running fine. Hopefully I’ll be able to rape the eventual car dealer to death.

Drastically need a new truck and haven’t even been looking because the prices are so outrageous. No way I’m buying new so I need this used shit to sort out in my favor for once.

My local Toyota dealer sure does have a pretty mouth

Might grab another low mileage full size truck if it happens

Prices here are still inflated big time on the trucks I am interested in

Is the general consensus that used car prices are going to go back to normal in January of 2023?

no need for new things until the old one can’t be fixed. good thing one of my vehicles is a toyota. 22re forever. it will outlast me.

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I really think that my next one will be a Toyota Tacoma. V6 and 4WD is what it’ll have to be.

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They aren’t going down anytime soon and likely ever because new car production is so limited (on purpose) because of microchip shortages (on purpose) that supply and demand will keep everything artificially inflated.

Maybe some vehicles like not premium 3rd row SUVs that don’t typically get great MPG because there are a lot of them but desirable SUVs, trucks, fuel efficient sedans, sports cars, ect will not be dropping IMO because there is nothing to replace them with. Even if production numbers could be the same the actual lineups of each individual automaker has been cut significantly the past 3 years as many vehicles have been discontinued (some still for sale in China by American automakers).

The EV push has been too rapid (on purpose) at the cost of new gas vehicle production to keep up with demand. Unfortunately this is how it is IMO.


fantastic choice.

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weren’t they blaming one boat stuck in the panama canal when the shortage started? what’s the official reason now?

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There are various lies to why this is all happening but the truth IMO is the climate change cult is behind all of this on a global scale because they want to get rid of oil (but those setting the policies get to fly in private jets) and want to control the population with their ability with the freedom of personal travel.

It’s my conspiracy theory and I will gladly own that.

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i’m not mad at that theory. any of the theories where rich powerful are fucking us over are closer to the truth than what most people believe. throw a jew cabal in there and i’m in.