The 25 Most Rewatchable Movies Of All Time

The 25 Most Rewatchable Movies Of All Time

... I got 4,362 entries from 1,169 respondents to my fill-in-the-blank question. Some entries covered several films — “The Godfather movies,” for instance — and I combined these into a single entry referring to the series as a whole, rather than give these respondents a disproportionate number of votes. Some responses were a little unclear: For example, if someone simply entered “Star Wars” — as about 9 percent of respondents did — I’m not sure if that meant 1977’s Episode IV or the whole series, but I counted it separately from the people who did specify the whole series. I’m not a mindreader, so that’ll just have to do.

Here are the top 25 most rewatchable films or series according to our survey, along with the number of times each was submitted:

1 Star Wars 98
2 The Wizard of Oz 76
3 The Sound of Music 58
4 The Lord of the Rings (series) 56
5 Gone With the Wind 52
6 The Godfather 45
6 The Princess Bride 45
8 The Shawshank Redemption 42
9 Harry Potter (series) 36
10 It’s A Wonderful Life 35
11 Forrest Gump 33
11 Grease 33
13 Dirty Dancing 32
14 Pulp Fiction 29
14 Titanic 29
16 The Lion King 28
16 Pretty Woman 28
18 Casablanca 27
19 The Matrix 25
19 The Notebook 25
21 Star Trek 24
21 Finding Nemo 24
23 Goodfellas 22
24 Pride & Prejudice 19
25 Caddyshack 18
25 The Avengers

I'm surprised the terminator isn't on there.

The Goonies Phone Post 3.0

Not on their list but I personally watched these a ton and still love them

The Road Warrior


The Right Stuff

The Royal Tenenbaums


Breakfast Club

I watched Memento a few times and back in the day, Pulp Fiction a bunch of times, but otherwise, I'm not really into re-watching movies much. Phone Post 3.0

the warriors
monty python and the holy grail
the good the bad and the ugly
animal house
blues brothers

Aliens II

vincan469 - the warriors
monty python and the holy grail
the good the bad and the ugly
animal house
blues brothers

animal house
blues brothers

These two deffinitly

monty python and the holy grail

This one is king

Bad Boys 2 Phone Post 3.0

and who the fuck is rewatching Casablanca?

How about some Tombstone or Jaws 

I probably watch each of these 3+ times a year:
How high
Menace to society
Starship troopers
The Patriot
And oddly Hidalgo Phone Post 3.0

I don't like rewatching movies much, I never get tired of The Godfather though.

Forgot tombstone and red dawn, this is my night thanksgiving, after the wife goes shopping I go home get blazed and watch these 2 movies, 3years strong Phone Post 3.0

No Top Gun? Oh hell no!

Dumb and Dumber and Forest Gump are probably my two most watched movies ever. I'll never turn them off. Pulp Fiction is up there too.

Bloodsport, Jaws and Cool Hand Luke are surprisingly absent. If any of those are on as I'm flipping channels, they usually take precedent over anything else.

Seems the list is based more on academy awards or cultural icon status.

No Battlefield Earth?

No Saving Private Ryan? LOL

The big lebowski?!

Movie gets better with every watch.

Saving private Ryan is a good call as well ^^ Phone Post 3.0