The 2nd Ohio Grappling Challenge

Ohio Grappling Challenge II



Saturday, December 16th

(In conjunction with the Battle of Cincinnati)



Registration & Weigh-ins will run from 8:00am - 11:00am

Rules Meet will be at 10:45 am

Competition starts at 11:15 am

*No Pre- Registration.  Must Register at the door!*



Duke Energy   Center (Convention Center)
525 Elm Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Directions to venue (



Gi, No-Gi, & No-Gi Absolute


Registration Fee:

$55 for Men (Includes Gi, No-Gi, & Absolute)

$45 for Women & Kids/Teens (Includes Gi & No-Gi)

$10 per person discount for "Family Members" (Child & Parent)



1st – 3rd place Medals

Championship Belts for the No-Gi Absolute winner (tentative)

Skill Level: (Men only)

* Gi = White, Blue, & Purple & above


* No-Gi = Beginner & Advanced

(Beginner is anyone with less than 2 years of ANY TYPE of grappling training, including wrestling on any level.)


* Absolute Divisions = Open to any Competitor, regardless of weight & skill level.


Weight Classes: (Men only)

White Belt, Blue Belt, & No-Gi

0 – 154.9lbs

155lbs – 174.9lbs

175lbs – 189.9lbs

190lbs – 209.9lbs

210lbs – Up


Purple Belt & Above 


175lbs - 209.9lbs

210lbs – Up


Other Notes:

* No "age" divisions


* Women & Kids/Teens will be separated by skill level & weight on the day of the event. They are not eligible for the No-Gi Absolute Division


* We reserve the right to combine Weight Classes & Skill Divisions if there are not enough competitors in a division


* You can only compete in One Skill level (ex. If you compete in the Blue Belt division, and you are a White matter the outcome, you will not be allowed to compete in the White Belt division. Same with the No-Gi divisions)


If you have any further questions, please visit:


You can also contact the Event Director:


Dustin Ware