The 4 Essential Daily Supplements You Need...

 Part of what I really enjoy about my new job is geeking out over science journals, writing articles, and getting paid to do so. ;)

My newest - an attempt to demystify supplements for the average person -- part 2 next week!

Demystifying Supplements - The 4 Essential Daily Supplements You Need:

Nice list but no co Q 10? Phone Post

ChipW -- Next week I'm posting Part 2, which is 8 more supplements you may want to consider and CoQ10 is amongst those 8!

Good deal. Fish oil I can vouch for personally, had no idea about MG and ALA interesting stuff Phone Post

Thanks Phone Post

Thanks, everybody!

Ronnieb - it really is! I am loving it!!!

I think I would have swapped out a good probiotic in place of the Vitamin D, but it's a close call.

Glad to see Magnesium up there though. It's amazing to feel how quickly it helps a frazzled body/mind.

Looking forward to reading more!

Hey Becca, it's been a while since I have been here, great to see this article. Can't wait for the next one. Keep up the great work!

alcohol, caffeine, sugar, pasta

Just ordered some COq10, couldn't wait for part II lol

RandomMan - so far you guy are awesome at guessing which ones are in Part 2! lol! Probiotics are amongst those that made list #2 as they are not essential for everybody, but have a very real use for some people depending on their health and the environments they frequent.

GNPfan - awesome! Thank you!

NeoSpartan - lol!! Let me know if you feel different on it and what your experience is.

 Very cool info!

Ronnieb - Damn you Becca, did you leave anything out regarding any of these? Say, maybe the ala makes your peer smell so bad machida wouldn't drink it? It's like I ate 1 bundle of asparagus every day Phone Post

LOL! oh no! I definitely have not heard that - just asked my boyfriend (who also takes it) if he ever experienced that either, and he said no. Yikes!! You're sure it was the ALA?

oh wait...okay, I just googled it and found this:

"Oh, and one more thing about ALA: Do not worry if you experience a noticeable change to a certain bodily fluid. "Like other sulfur compounds," says Bucci, "if you have excess, your body will excrete it in the urine, and you will get that characteristic asparagus odor. A lot of people do not expect that." It is not harmful and could actually be a good way to know that you are getting enough ALA. "I think it is a good idea to make sure you do get an odor, so you know you are getting as much as you can use," Bucci explains. "If you are not getting that odor, take more.""

So it sounds like you're just taking more than necessary and can back off on the amount a bit.

LOL...umm....sorry? ;)

Floppy Divac -  Very cool info!

Thanks - thanks for reading! :)

Damn, is that fish oil calculator correct? It says based on my weight (230) that I should be taking like 12 pills a day. Seems like a lot. Is that accurate?

Yeah, I take it in liquid form rather than have to take a million pills - liquids are more concentrated.

you should put in your column that, with the exception of maybe fish oil, you dont need to take supplements if you eat a balanced diet, and then go on to explain what that is.

if you have done this already and i just missed it i apologize.

Ronnie - Nice! That's awesome and I'm glad to hear you're feeling good on them. Good to know about the ALA, too, so I'm glad it happened in that sense. lol! Although I hope it's fading for you today!

ThugLife - Good nutrition is indeed key, no doubt. That would be a separate article, though, as it would entail a discussion of nutrients and also quality food sources. In fact, that's about 100 more articles right there - I just read an awesome article on Mark Sisson's Daily Apple just about good fat sources (as in, what they are and how to shop for them) alone!

Or you could just chow down spirulina

Good read but you should add what foods are the highest in each.