the 400 burpee push up road challenge

the challenge

1. cycle 50 km. ( on heaviest restistance level you can do, no fast peddling. slow and heavy so the burn keeps staying in                                your legs after the burpee push ups)

2. after 2.5 km you do 20 burpee push ups. ( arms close to your chest push ups then burpee )

3. the next 2.5 km you do 20 burpee push ups but then you do the push ups in wide stance. as everybody know, doing burpee with wide stance push ups are way harder then burpee with close stance push ups.

now repeat this process for every 2.5 km.

in total you will have cycled 50km. and have done 200 burpee push ups small stance + 200 burpee push ups wide stance. i did it in 3 hours and 37 minutes.

so how hard is it?  its tough. condition wise its not so tough. however the constant burn on your arms and legs. specially when you go further is a real challenge. also mentally its tough, because after 8 burpees it starts to hurt and in your mind you think. fuck i still need to do 12 to complete the set. also after a round of burpees and sitting back on your bike. the upper leg muscle from the knee up, will burn like hell and will continue to do so, because it wont get rest, because of the heavy resistance. also when you go up a small mountain, you really start to feel the burn even more.

that said it was a great challenge. anybody else do something crazy since cant train anymore in the gym?

4 hours of doing two of the exercises I dislike the most? Hard pass on that.

I think bicycling for three hours with some callies is maybe good for biking, but prob not most efficient use of time, unless bicycling is your thing.

You would have to be in seriously good shape to complete that in a reasonable time. 

I could do 1/4 of this challenge at best

That’s a hard no