The 4400 - worth watching?

I'm looking for something to watch on Netflix. I've read that "The 4400" was eventually cancelled after four seasons. It ends with a cliffhanger. Is this show still worth watching? Phone Post 3.0

It's gets a little dull after the 2nd season, but overall it's a good watch! I watched when it was on TV several years ago. It did indeed go 4 seasons. Worth a look! Phone Post 3.0

My friend got me into that show. It's so bad it's good. Phone Post 3.0

1 episode in, put it on hold. Might return 1 day. Phone Post 3.0

My wife marathoned it a few months ago.  I didn't watch any, and have no input regarding the plot or anything.  However, just glancing at it when she had it on, the production quality is VERY poor, and the show very quickly became dated.  I wouldn't be able to watch and not be distracted by the cheap clothes, sets, and horrible haircuts.  The show just LOOKS far older than it really is.


The 4400 was a solid sci fi time travel / aliens / superpowers show.

It’s reboot 4400 premiered last night (I guess the ‘The’ in the title has been deemed racist).

Aside from the alien abduction / time travel angle, it bears no resemblance to the original. It is the wokest show in a sea of woke shows. It’s like they wrote a show to win the woke Olympics. They are a shoo-in for the gold. The aliens now only abducted people of color, and plopped them all back down in 2021 Detroit, where they are rounded up and imprisoned by all-white police/federal officers … in DETROIT. All of them are being comically mistreated by overly aggressive white feds. Meanwhile, the detainees ruminate on how little things have changed since their day. It’s laughable hearing a 1920s abductee commiserate with a 1950s abductee about how little race relations have changed since their day, as if their minds wouldn’t be blown by the changes of the last 50-100 years.

And of course they have to have the romantic angle, where the 2005 abductee returns to find her infant daughter is now 16 years old and her husband has married … wait for it … a WHITE WOMAN! And she is pissed that white devil has been raising her beautiful ebony daughter for the past decade. Wait, did I say ebony? I mean caramel, because he husband was a white guy. So she’s upset not only that he got remarried five years after she disappeared, but that he remarried within his own race, and that her mixed-race daughter is being raised by a white broad.

The show is a total hot mess. It’s like Robin DiAngelo and Ibrahim Kendi collaborated to write a schlocky sci fi script. It’s so bad I’m going to continue to hate-watch it for a while just to see how awful it gets. It’s like a train wreck. I can’t look away.