The $5 AC30 Vox Story

Many years ago, my friend got a VOX AC30 missing the 2X12 speakers at a garage sale for $5. I bought it off him for $300 inm useless junk I didn't even want, I got a 2X12 cabinet with vintage 30 greenbacks (I think that's what they were)for $200, has the speakers wired into the amp, threw away the cabinet and put it on consignment at the local music store for $1000.

My telecaster sounded heavenly through it, but I was all about the distortion back then and had better amps for that, so I "flipped" it.... It it sold in less than a day. 11 years later and I really miss it....

With a name like Nostradumbass you should have known you'd want to still have that amp. ;)

Which begs the question: Why don't fortune tellers all go to Las Vegas and clean up?

Greenbacks in an AC30. Gimme a Ricky 360-12, dime that thing, and get ready for a blizzard of nails! I love that sound.

And that's not the dumbest guitar mistake I ever made. That would have to go to the Bob Weir guitar debacle, where I got rid of his double neck guitar (for an embarrassingly stupid trade, mind you) because I didn't know who the hell he was at the time and because the guitar was heavy and the case was the size of a coffin. Not being a DeadHead really cost me there. But I can see the future and it still consists of me never liking their music.