The 5 BIGGEST reasons to play ‘ONE Fantasy’

ONE Championship recently announced the launch of its brand new mobile game, and it is set to ignite the fantasy world.

You, as a fan, will have your first chance to play ONE Fantasy during ONE: CENTURY PART I and ONE: CENTURY PART II this weekend, and you can truly put your martial arts knowledge to the test.

The fantasy sports industry has been electric in the past decade, with nearly 60 million people participating in the activity in North America alone.

With ONE Fantasy appearing on the ONE Super App, that number is only going to rise -- especially in Asia. It shouldn't be too surprising, however. Playing fantasy sports is fun and a great complement to the live broadcast.

#1 Prove you are the best

You, as well as other fans all across the world, will finally have a chance to put your ONE Championship knowledge to the ultimate test.

Many fans take pride in their deep-rooted martial arts insight and their familiarity with the promotion's athletes, so now there is a suitable proving ground to determine who is the best in the fantasy realm.

In ONE Fantasy, you can select a team of athletes from an allotted number of credits, rank those athletes based on your confidence in the athlete winning his or her respective bout, and earn points for every predicted bout outcome you get correct.

By the end of the main event, your score will be tallied and you can see how your team's performance stacks up with other fantasy squads all around the world. To be the best, you will have to defeat thousands -- and eventually, millions -- of other teams.

#2 Bond With Friends, Family, And Co-Workers

Playing fantasy sports brings people together and has the tendency to spark a friendly competition with the other individuals who are participating in the game.

In many cases, these people will be your friends, your family members, and your co-workers (and future rivals, of course).

By playing ONE Fantasy with your loved ones and work colleagues, it will unlock a whole new world in your respective relationships.

You can watch the bouts together, share strategies with each other, and engage in a new topic of discussion. In the process, you will spend more time with your friends, family, and co-workers, and get to know them on a more cerebral -- and fanatical -- level.

#3 It Enhances The ONE Championship Viewing Experience

Whenever people participate in fantasy sports, they become emotionally invested in the athletes and organizations they follow. The activity becomes more intimate and personal, and it increases the overall viewing experience.

By playing ONE Fantasy, it will enhance the ONE Championship viewing experience.

You will be motivated to learn more about the athletes and will care more about their performances inside the Circle. You will even become inspired to learn about these warriors' life stories, training camps, and potential injuries.

Through this, you could develop a very real connection with an athlete, and that could amplify when you watch his or her bouts during a ONE broadcast.

#4 Potentially Play Against ONE Superstars

There will be fans all across the globe playing ONE Fantasy, and there is a good chance some of the superstars from ONE Championship will engage in the competition, too.

After all, the promotion's stars are motivated by the thrill of competition. They want to face the toughest athletes inside the Circle, and many of them love to make predictions.

With ONE Fantasy, it is similar to "pick 'em challenges" in the sense that you are predicting the winners and expressing your confidence in those athletes by ranking them.

Just knowing you could be playing against a potential ONE Championship superstar is an exciting prospect. If this were to happen and you score higher than the star, then that's just the icing on the cake.

#5 A Perfect Way To Have Some Fun

The most important reason to play ONE Fantasy is simple -- to have fun.

It doesn't cost anything to play, either. All you have to do is log in to the ONE Super App, click on a bout card, and start building your team.

Whether you place in the Top 10, Top 100, or Top 1000 is irrelevant. It's all about escaping the day-to-day grind for a little bit, getting lost in the fantasy world, and enjoying the ride.