The 6 Worst Versions of Windows, Ranked

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I had forgotten how bad WinXP was initially.

but after that service pack it was probably my favorite.

man ME was a piece of shit. my mom had it on the first PC she bought. was complete shit.

I miss XP.

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Malicious Edition.

Wasn’t Win95 pretty shit? 98 was really buggy too but that was right before NT and 2000 which really improved stability and security.

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95 was very stable and built on NT i believe. 98 sucked balls.

I love them all equally.

Windows 10. I have a cheap laptop with a 20GB hard drive, and Windows 10 is taking up about 19GB with its updates. I basically have to figure out how to clone it to an external hard drive and boot from there jus to have space for apps or docs on my laptop. I get it that my laptop is cheap pos, but 20GB for system and update files is absurd.

Was it really? I think my first PC was 95 but I can’t remember if it was much better than 98.

NT 3.1 was the first NT I believe. 3.5 saw more use but 4.0 brought NT to mainstream on the business side. 2000 was built on NT but not shipped for consumers typically.

XP seems to be the first real consumer based NT OS.

Vista was awful

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95 wasn’t built on NT? i thought it was.

just looked it up…2000 on was NT.

First computer I bought for myself had windows ME on it… fucking waste of money.

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The funny thing is that was basically the same story with Vista. Once it was patched it was pretty good. Most people only remember the shitty part. Probably because of the relatively short lifetime of Vista compared to XP.

After it was all patched up it was actually decent. But then Windows 7 was launched shortly after they fixed Vista.

I will never forget how awesome it was to install Windows 2000 over that goddamn Windows ME

Dude, 20GB isnt what it used to be. Not by a long shot. Get a decently sized hdd/ssd. I havent had a single issue with Win10 since its release. Havent even had to do a reinstall or anything. Shit has worked perfectly.

My install is starting to get sketchy. Freezing up for no reason requiring a restart. Has been great so far. Used to be able to go a month without a restart.

Linux you can run for a month but Windows needs to be restarted regularly.