The Amazing Race: wrestling connection

This season of The Amazing Race features TNA wrestlers Brooke Assmacher and Robbie E teaming up to take the challenge. Currently airing on CBS friday nights 8/7 central.. Phone Post

Robbie E and Assmacher started off in last place, figure out how to use a compass, and finish 1st leg of race in 4th place.. Phone Post

Assmacher and Robbie E finally navigate through London and finish stage 2 in 7th place currently. Bro. Phone Post

Fuck, got that spoiled. TAR being on Friday night's this year is the worse. Will always be catching them online sometime on Saturday.

I'm cheering for them.

3rd Leg: We find our wrestling duo in Scotland.. Don't ask Robbie E to build you a Viking torch with a hammer and nails. He is not the handyman, bro. They find themselves in last place..

However if you have some sheep that need to be corralled into a pen, then Assmacher is your girl..! They finish up strong and end stage 3 in 6th place still in the race.

Next up: Denmark. Phone Post

4th stage: our wrestling duo find themselves in Denmark starting off toward the back of the pack. They were able to transport a 3ft tall conical shaped cake on a bike while Assmacher clamps down with her thighs. Middle of the pack now...

If the wrestling thing doesnt work out, Robbie E is great at memorizing orders and ingredients as a waiter. Pushing them ahead of the pack and they finish stage 4 in 2nd place, BRO! Phone Post

5th stage: We find them navigating through the streets of Morocco performing tasks which include setting up a food vendor cart, skinning animal hides, and serving traditional tea.. they started the day in 2nd place and finish up strong in middle of the pack in 5th place. Phone Post

Stage 6: still in morocco, our intrepid duo must haul bags of hay. And assmacher bodyslams the hay with an elbow drop to boot.

Then they must milk a goat to make butter. Again, assmacher shows proper milking form and robbie e finishes off the task.

Assmacher yet again pushes on through her fear of heights on navigating a highwire and zipline, to finish the stage where they started.. in 5th place.

At the halfway point of the race there are only 6 teams left.. with our wrestlers barely in the race. They need to pick up the pace in next half if they ever stand a chance at the million dollar prize. Phone Post

Did they break up? Phone Post 3.0

Kimo Lives - Did they break up? Phone Post 3.0

I have no clue? Phone Post

haven't heard of them breaking up.

Stage 7: our wrestlers fly to Sicily and Assmacher shows us her professional go kart racing skills along the windy mountain roads..

Later, Robbie E digs deep with his memorization prowess at the opera.. They finish up in 4th place out of 6 teams.. No eliminations this episode. Phone Post

I'd eat that ass with jelly or syrup.

Stage 8: they find themselves on the island of Malta. showing proper balance and upperbody strength, they are in 2nd place following first challenge. But that is all wiped out because they can't seem to find a cab. Robbi E rappels down the side of a cliff and goes swimming. Lets just say he needs more practice.

At the roadblock, our dynamic duo try running up a greasy pole suspended above the bay to grab 2 flags. The fail miserably and Assmacher takes a bad fall into the water. Causing her to say " I just broke my butt! That is my moneymaker, i can't hurt it".

They quickly regroup and abandon that challenge for polishing up knights' armor. Straggling at the back of the pack, they finish in 5th place.. They need to pick it up since they're starting stage 9 in last place. C'mon Bro! Phone Post

Stage 9: They fly from Malta to Singapore. stop off to drink coconut water on their way to a 600ft highrise tightrope walk. P.S.(If you ever have a chance to buy Assmacher a drink, she doesn't like coconut water!)

Assmacher shows her ring rope walk prowess and they race to the next challenge. They find themselves getting pampered to a traditional asian deep tissue massage and cupping.

The wrestlers show that they can endure the pain like troopers and finish this leg in 2nd place. Jumping from 5th/last all the way to number 2. Way to go, BRO! Phone Post

They turned heel last episode. Phone Post

3 Sided Square - They turned heel last episode. Phone Post

Yup. They sure did... i havent watched the Amazing Race in a long time, but this season i decided to watch. They are funny and some characters on the show. Assmacher and Robbie E totally make the show watchable imo. Haha Phone Post

Amy is a solid top 10 candidate for my future second wife. She's the type of girl I'd want to bring home to meet my mom.

If she had gotten eliminated cause the wrestlers fucked up, I would have been so pissed.

Stage 10: They fly from Singapore to Manila leaving out in 2nd place. Arriving in Manila the stench is overwhelming to Assmacher and Robbie E compares it to his "dirty tube socks".

At the bayshore, their challenge is to catch over 300lbs of fish in a bucket with the waves crashing into them. (Don't take Robbie E fishing with you.. He is completely grossed out by the touch and slimeyness of them).

Assmacher shows that she wears the pants in the relationship and was more "bro" than the actual BRO!, powering through the fish guts an slime to give them the lead in the race..

From the fishing village challenge, they race into the mainland to the rice patty fields.. their challenge is to plow the field with a water buffalo to dig up their next clue. Unfortunately they make a huge mistake and pick the largest rice patty to plow, thus making their job that much harder to find their clue..

Assmacher yet again "man's up" and takes the reigns for the team. Speaking of plowing fields.... I could plow Assmacher's field all day long in the mud and muck... (country boy can survive) haha

They finally find their clue, but it's too late. They go from 1st to last place and end this stage on a sour note. But, they are informed that this stage is a non-elimination and are allowed to continue in the game. Phone Post