The amount of trash that Rory talked is surprising

RayRaysFunhouse - 

Well fuck me for not agreeing with you guys. Totally deserved those 4 vtfd's for saying I don't like that one aspect of Rory.

Hope you guys don't get hurt when this hype train derails. He demolished an out-of-shape, past his prime Lightweight in BJ Penn and another LW in Nate Diaz, but couldn't beat Condit, who couldn't beat GSP, so Rory is far from the god you all expect him to be.

Not taking away from him, he's an incredible athlete and still developing his game (and at a very fast pace and very young, and he'd damn sure kick my ass) but don't get your panties in a wad every time someone disagrees with you.

-4 as I post this. I'll let you bang the Vote Down, bros. Phone Post

Lol I love how BJ kept going on about how he's the best shape for WW he's ever been, despite this the huggers use being out of shape as an excuse. It doesn't matter what is said or what reality is, you guys will write your own storylines.

I don't know wtf God shit you're talking about, people see him as the brightest young prospect right now in WW, and he is. I don't see anyone on here making shit up except you, so who has the God worship going on again?

I like that rory is out for himself, I think that mentality will turn him into a fan favorite once he gets older and he loses the young "up and coming" stigma Phone Post

He can talk whatever trash he wants to as long as he can back it up. Phone Post

Rory didn't start the shit talking. Hell he didn't even talk as much as BJ. But he gets shit because he is a kid and BJ is a legend. Phone Post

MMA math at its finest..... Phone Post

Can you blame someone like Rory for trying to set himself about from other guys in the sport by showboating and talking trash. Look at what it's done for Sonnen.

Unfortunately for Rory he just doesn't have the natural ability to pull that kind of stuff off. It comes across as forced and awkward.
He can get by just nicely on his fighting ability alone though, so he should worry about that and nothing else. I suspect you won't see him doing this kind of thing again in the future. Hopefully the people around him will tell him to it's just not him.

RayRaysFunhouse - He did. I'm not denying his talent at all. The guy has a very high ceiling and won't peak for YEARS if he stays injury free.
I could see ups and downs of him rematching Condit. It would show how much he's improved, but if he lost to Condit twice then that would be a huge speed bump. I think they should match him up with Hendricks, would be an entertaining fight for sure. Phone Post

By looking forward to his next fight, I'm assuming he will fight someone on top of the division, not Condit in particular, I agree that losing to him again would be a big setback, and I didn't even like the matchup with BJ for him, I knew he wouldn't gain much from it in the ranking, he still has a lot to prove, at least another two fights against top 5 Phone Post