The ANGRY Adult Peasant as Compared to his Happy Raskal Years

Happy Raskal Years: “Robin Hood was a Hero!.. he made the GREEDY Capitalist Criminals PAY their Taxes”

The ANGRY Adult Peasant after YEARS of drinking the CONservative Talk Kool-Aid: “Bernie, AOC and their Universal Healthcare are Communist LIBtard!”

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Yes… many of us are liberals until we grow up.


No taxation without representation something something

Also, The Sherriff of Nottingham was not a capitalist.

You can vote your way into socialism, but you’ll have to shoot your way out…

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They weren’t scoialists. They took back the money that the “king” stole from the people, then gave it back to the people.

Can you imagine these angry boomer types with their phone latched onto their belt having to live in the woods? LOL! They’d be lost without conservative talk radio to guide them and televised sports to yell at!

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Geezus. You fricking idiots can ruin anything with your stupid politics.

How terribly inadequate of a life must someone need to live in order to see political leaning in everything? I feel sorry for people like the OP.

I mean there are so many great and positive things out there to focus on and people like the OP are just so blinded by their own stupidity. It’s sad…it really is.



humorously keen social commentary, well done!

Are you surprised? The woke Left decided long ago that EVERYTHING is political and should be… How do you think we got to our current divide?