The angry referee's gone mad (gif,vid)

Edit: I'm a dumbass.

Wtf Phone Post 3.0

Real? Can't see vid on I-Phone but in gif, the official flying off and rolling 5 times looks a little cartoonish Phone Post 3.0

3 camera guys, a boom mic guy, a stage manager... I think it's the real deal!

Fake. Kick to blue person that mist by a foot while blue fighter dropped gave it away Phone Post 3.0


Sub for later, thanks for posting. Phone Post

Laughing & Claps from the Audience when the Ref attacks the fighters. Not real.

Sometimes, these things happen in mma

crazydave -

LMAO Phone Post 3.0

For a movie? Phone Post

Fake or not, that was hilarious Phone Post

"We're ready to believe you..."