The annoying guy

The Smash Brothers thread got me thinking about this. How many of you that play multiplayer games know the guy that's not the best at any game, but he's just annoying as hell and pisses you off?

I know a guy, I've played against him in Smash Brothers, Madden, and Halo. In Smash Brothers, he plays as Falcon and aerial throws all the time, he never wins but he always manages to piss everyone off.

In Madden, he would just throw long bombs to Jerry Rice every play, and in Halo capture the flag, he gets a rocket launcher or shotgun and just camps in the base in the blood gulch level.

He just always finds some way to piss you off, the style he plays. How many of you know this guy?

I do. If theres an irritating cheap move that you can't win with but can stall they will do it. Not so much one particular person for every game but I have had that happen a ton. This guy I know could never ever beat me in Knockout Kings 2000. Then he discovered the low blow. It can get through virtually any punch cause your guy ducks under and tags him right in the groin. He did this over and over and over and eventually beat with with like 75% of his punches being the groin shot.

I have 2 roommates...

1. Khanh will always beat me at a new game because he pushes more buttons than me. He doesn't like to learn so when I get better than him he stops playing.

2. Dave is very competitive and he will look up strategies to win. I like learning a lot on my own but he will go all out with guides online.

3. I like competition and it gets boring if no one is around that can beat me

Good stuff truewrestler. This one guy I know, I get UFC throwdown. So me and 3 guys who all have never played it start playing. The one guy uses Barnett and wins like 5 in a row. So the next day we go to play again and I had practiced the night before. So I start just owning everyone. So the Barnett guy just up and refuses to play anymore claiming "I'm not gonna buy the game and am not interested in it anymore" When they're winning they're the shit, but no heart to keep fighting you know? You hit the nail on the head, they hate to learn. Out of my crew of 5 guys almost all of them SUCK at video games. The Barnett guy is only good at one player games like Mario and such. I really wish I had someone to play Smash Bros. with.

Big Pun... you are a cheater

LOL Big Pun, I used to play a little Infantry but preferred Subspace. Reminds me of vulchers in SS, lobbing bombs from half way across the map in Dueling Zone.

One of my friends HAS to do things unconventional.

Whether it's being Oddjob in Goldeneye or having to change the controls in whatever game we are playing.

I wouldn't mind so much if he didn't have to do it in EVRY single game.

And still suck.

Yeah tell me about that shit matt. It's like "all that work...just to suck."

Big Pun isn't that cheating though or thats a real feature in the game?

This friend of mine knows I was diehard into Perfect Dark so he tells me his younger brother claims he'd beat me. So of course I dismiss this claim as this was a game I played daily for over a year. So the kid keeps it up and finally one day I go over and play him. We each pick half of the fight stipulations. So the kid picks the FarSight which is an alien weapon that is basically an X Ray that lets you shoot through walls. Think the EMP from Eraser. But it also has a homing feature. It's on of those "cheap" weapons in a game that nobody good plays with. So we play and I start just lighting him up with it, killing him over and over. Finally he gets one and kills me. So it takes me a few tries to get back cause the gun is one hit kills. So eventually I get back and continue the ownage at which point he claims "that gun is cheap" Now seeing as how it was he who picked it, I'd like to slam a book into his face. Final score 20 to 5 me. Can't stand fags like that.

A few cheap moves I enjoy:

Knockout Kings 2002 for PS1: I retired unbeaten in this game in multiplayer after two years. It didn't matter who I was (though I was much better with the boxers than the sluggers), I would always counter-fight (backstepping the entire fight and using jabs and hooks). Nothing illegal with that, but the cheap part was whenever my opponent got close to me, I would shove them back and follow it with an overhand right. For some reason, in that game if you shoved the opponent back, it left them vulnerable.

Closest fight I had was with my roommate who was also very good at the game. We both used our created players who were maxed out on stats. We set the fight for 15 rounds, though we didn't expect it to go that far since usually one of us got KO'd within about 10 rounds. I was leading by only 3 or 4 points going into the 15th round and KO'd him with about a minute left in the fight.

Any form of football games for PS2: I'll set my audibles to all be from the same formation, and run a no-huddle. That's a good way to get people pissed off, so I don't do that anymore.

Not any thing real cheap, but I have a friend who laughs like a fucking Hyeana during game play. He's usually one of the lowest scorers in any game, but he will make it know any kind of kill or score, no matter how insignificant. "how do you like that bitch", "I lit you up", doing a evil, high pitched laugh, it makes me want to slam my controller in his face.

My brother plays with people like that. His friends are the definition of "all talk" with some real gems like "ok now I'll actually try" and other excuses. I watched him play red alert 2 online and it was loser central. Guys just type crap when they get killed then disconnect so they don't get a loss. What happened to gamer's honor?

lol @ gamer's honor

My main Super Smash opponents were 8 and 10. They LOVED Yoshi just so they could gobble you up and poop you out. They didn't follow up on it. They never won with that technique. They didn't do much else.
But, they LOVED pooping you out in an egg.

Real annoying.

are these the fuckers that short kick, short kick, short kick, and throw in Street Fighter 2?

It is them indeed fob. It's all people who aren't good at a game but find ways to irritate the shit out of good players.(us)

When Goldeneye was the big party game, I was never the top guy at it. It took me years and until Perfect Dark came out to become one of the best at 64 FPS. We'd all play and some ass would pick OddJob. So thered be all 4 of us in a shootout in the Library level with no radar and he'd either offset his controller and just spin into the fray or run right up so you'd have to auto aim to shoot him. After everyone getting pissed off I found a great way to tool him. I'd pick Naval officer and he has a green outfit that perfectly blends in to the bottom half of the wall. So I'd crouch and with an AR33 I'd zoom in and shoot his face dead. By the time you saw the guy blended in it was too late. However they could look at your screen and figure out where you are, so perfect dark added the option of blacking your screen out. Good times...


A I never said I was good at SF2 specifically.

B The point is that only the annoying jackasses play that way. Someone who is good goes out there and owns their opponent.

I can deal with those kicks and throws, it's just annoying to see it being applied

Exactly. Do that in a contest with 1000 bucks on the line if thats how you want to win. But don't come over and waste everyone's time. Speaking of SF2, I only had a double KO happen once did any of you?

"However they could look at your screen and figure out where you are, so perfect dark added the option of blacking your screen out."

How does that work?? I don't understand how you can play with a blacked out screen. I know I'm just misunderstanding something, please explain.

It's a very cool feature. Let's say I get into a tower and you are a good ways away in the level. I black out my screen so you can't see where I am. Then I look only at your screen. Knowing where my guy is, I pop up when you run into my target range. Looking at the other guy's screen is an advanced tactic that comes in handy when radar is off and you know the level well.