The annoying thing about glass ceilings that don’t exist

Every single fucking person has to be a first _____ even when they aren’t the first, or sometimes aren’t that thing.

Constantly sold Cain Velasquez as first ever Mexican UFC Champion, now we have to hear Brandon Moreno be coronated as the first ever actual Mexican champion.

It happens everywhere, in politics, in sports, it’s constant. Why does every person have to be a first _____ ever?

The glass ceiling does not exist, Central Americans and South Americans have had champions in every combat sport for decades.

Getting ready to hear 400 times that Vettori is trying to become the first real Italian UFC champion, when there have been champions of Italian descent before.

The only first that matters in sports is 1st place. Everything else is for commentators to fill time with


Joe, stop with the beautifully amazing all the time

That’s not a glass ceiling thing, though. It’s always been like that. You’re giving the woke crowd way too much credit. No one thinks there are barriers against Italians. It’s fun for Italians to have a first champion and it’s a way to profile a fighter. If some guy from Alaska becomes champion, Alaskan media and his PR manager will make a note of it.

Unrelated to the theme of the thread but I’ll eat my fucking hat if a male fighter above 145 from Alaska wins a UFC title in the next 5 years.

They’ve had a few guys make the UFC, but never had a real contender in my 15 years of watching MMA.

I didn’t include women or small men, because those divisions aren’t fully evolved yet and random talents can meteorically rise to the top and dominate everybody. Not eating a hat for random chick with Ivan Drago genes punching Rose Namajunas lights out.