The anomaly of Kamala Harris - Tucker Tonight

ANOMOLY anomoly. I need to learn to fucking read. I’m absolutely losing vision.

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You should really change your name to easyREEEE considering that’s the only thing your dumb ass can post in these threads.

A lefty using REEEE sounds about as retarded as a soccer mom saying “cool beans”. What’s next, you’re going to start saying someone is a snowflake or say someone has BDS.

Get your own fucking insults you incel!


A white male like Anthony Fauci? Or Eric Swalwell?

Im thinking yes

His go to cut downs are ‘rent free!’ and ‘reeeee’

He’s got the brains of a handicapped child. I feel terrible for his handlers…he’s gotta be smearing shit on walls and eating boogers constantly


Don’t forget IDIOT PEASANT


She is an outright whore and her being vice president of our country is actually more of an embarrassment than Biden being President. I thought we’d hit rock bottom with Carter…then the Clinton’s came on…then Obama but Biden and his whore are on whole other level.

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Its the only thing he posts that I like. Its a constant reminder of how bad Trump hurt his feelings.
Same thing when I hear conservatives say “not my president”. Anyone saying that is basically telling me it hurt their feelings hearing the liberals say it about Trump. They cant wait to say it…every chance they get.
Cmon, EazyG…give me another REEEEE

It’s going to be a long 3.5 years for you MAGAbabies


On the bright side, you don’t have many PoS presidents to look forward to. Smoke some weed and live at peace. This hate can’t be good for someone your age