The April PDR Session

The April 2004 PDR session was another amazing experience for me. I was definitely curious to see how the PDR program/process had evolved since my attendance in February 2003. I was very pleased!

There are lots of new features and upgrades to the system...there are PDR lesson plans available for the various courses, there is an awesome new banner for the coaches who have websites, there is a banner to display in your school, there are beautiful digital PDR logos for the coaches, new videos, new shirts, new brochures, an online data base to help guide new students to the certified PDR coaches, there is now a very clear definition of the different levels a PDR coach can attain to, an amazing new forum (I believe this is for coaches only) and there is a Kid's PDR curriculum in the works by Core Coach Sean Mulligan.

Being a long time martial artist with a background in Karate, JKD, Brazilian JJ, CQC, Tai Chi & Qigong ... I can seriously say that PDR compliments everything else that I love about MA. It doesn't t put down or reject other styles or systems...but it certainly can enhance them. Anyone, no matter what walk of life they are from, can learn something from the PDR experience. I also love how Coach Blauer and the system continue to evolve with the times and as new research comes in :)

The overall feeling I got from the session: INTEGRITY!!

Thanks you to everyone at this session, especially Coach never let my brain rest :) I am already a better teacher/coach .... within only one week!

A special thank you to Coach Sean Mulligan for his commitment to all of us in attendance this weekend...Sean you are a true warrior and a major asset to the team. You taught with passion and showed a genuine interest in our understanding of the material and development as skill level is inspiring...Kudos!!

And thank you to Tom and Dana for your obvious hard work, you guys rock!


Thanks Nick, it was a great session. October's should be better &

Looking forward to seeing most of the group at the camp (which is now