With so much tension between different teams this year Arnolds will be explosive!
Everyone hear can talk a good game but few can back it up! For those who choose to back it up a new medal has been designed for this year and is going to surprise alot of people on the top notch quality.
Any questions on this event please contact myself: Brian Babbitt at or John Cooper at for the correct answer. We will answer as quickly as possible since this event is coming quickly.
Relson Gracie is living up to his name and taking this to the event to the next level with 6 RINGS, NEW MEDALS, WEB CASTING, and many extra that would not be possible without his NAME!

I always have supported this tournament, because I see the tremendous potential it has to become THE top tournament in the USA. I've seen some improvements every year...I just hope it keeps getting better! Bitching about something going wrong is easy to do, what's harder is finding a constructive solution/suggestion.


any guesses who will win the team trophy?

Brian B., I am glad to see that you are helping Cooper with this event!

If the National's was a show of what's to come, then things should run smooth for you guys in March.

I know that I will continue to support this event, as I also believe it is unlimited potential!

That being said...TTT for Team Jorge Gurgel!!!

Dustin Ware

Ur guess is as good as mine who will win! One thing is for sure the point system is no TOP SECRET. Last year Relson won by two points over Team Vaghi and will be as close this year. Dustin you did a great job in the past helping and we thank you for that but this year Myself and other Relson guys are stepping up to the plate. Two of Relson Purple belts will control ring action and I will be helping Cooper to help where it is needed any advive is welcomed rude remarks keep to urself because they never help.


Combat Do is helping out this year in a big way by providing ring captains, along with some of Relson's guys, and score keepers/time keepers. Combat Do always comes down in full force and won the Juvenile and Junior team trophy last year. Thank you Combat Do for stepping up to the plate and giving us so much support!

Please note: 1st 2nd and 3rd place team trophys will be awarded to winners of the Juvenile/Junior division, Adult division, Masters/Seniors division and the Women's division!




C-Lo are u going to the Arnolds? I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, also tell Phil congrats on the brown belt from all of us in S.C.

I have a question. Not sure if it is in your control of someone elses. But the tables that where set up outside of the doors where people were selling things ......... how do you go about doing something like that? Im not sayin I will for sure but I was just cerious cause one of my newer sponsors would like for me to get his new clothing line out as I am wearing it myself. It don't have anything to do with fighting, but maybe I can talk him into shooting out a few things to sell at the Arnolds.

Here is the web site ......

Marie Colangelo

go to and all the info u need to be a vendor is available there.

Cool thanks

Team Nova Uniao Canada is going to give the Arnolds a try.

The Women's Professional No-Gi will be webcasted as well as the other Pro Events! So ladies, show up in full force and give the sport a huge boost! For Marie Colangelo, your fight last year with Leka was one of the most exciting matches of the entire event! Thanks for coming back.

No problem. I went into the event not knowing what was going to happen or who I was fighting when I was fighitng them. I learned a lot about myself. Thanks. I look forward to fighting again. Hopefully I can give just as much or more of a performance.

I heard Leka had a knee injury. Do you know if she is planning on fighting this year?


It's gonna be an INSANE tournament this year, look at how much buzz their is this far out! The event is going to be webcasted, $ for browns & blacks, and no gi pro for men & women, this is going to be the event this year. We have a video clip from last year going up on www.Gracieworlds soon, we made the clip last night, it is really cool, just a minute & 1/2 or so, but it is fast paced & a good preview.

TTT for the ARNOLDS!

I dont see the video clip. Will you post the link on here?