The ARRRRGHHHHHH!!!! Escape.

Last night we saw one of the great examples of the ARRRGHHHH! escape when Bonnar, miliseconds from going out, muscled free.

What are some of the other good examples? Rampage vs. Arona, for pure ARRRRRGHHH! power? Trigg vs. Charuto because he had already turned pink?

Or what about failed ARRRRRGHHH! escapes? Like Sylvia vs. Mir? Or Hughes vs. Hallman 2, two slams???



hughes newton too

Sylvia didn't have time to arrgh against Mir. I don't think he even had time to realize he was in trouble.


Hughes even tried standing on Hallman's head to break that armbar right before he fell back to the mat. That was funny.

Baroni tried it against Drago but it didn't quite work for him!

"Trigg and Hughes against Charuto. It angers me to think that Charuto would be the top contender in that weight class right now if he had simply armbarred them.

I still don't know how either one escaped, especially before passing out."

ahhhh exactly!! i was yellin ARMBAR! ARMBAR!! but he probably didnt hear me through the tv :(

yeah i know, its frustrating to see a bjj fighter lose like that. especially to two wrestlers. i like his setups.

Forget about Charuto and the armbar (with Hughes), he's got him triangle mounted with his hands free, those are 98% free headshots he could have been landing. You have to figure that could have given him a 10-8 round...