The Art Of Paul Booth...Scary!

Some of you have probably heard of this gentleman. Paul Booth tends to lean toward more of the macabre type images in his tattooing. He just changed up his website and I thought you guys might want to check it out.

I got a chance to sit in on a tattoo session that he did on my friend years ago and it totally blew me away and changed my approach to this wonderful art we call tattoo.

Careful, though..there is some crazy tattoos on that site.

Scary Link Thingy

Paul booth is brutal.

The guy is great!

You're right on about the brutal part, I've seen him work many times and he definately takes no prisoners, and doesn't hold back. He's pretty fast too!

I think the guy is has appts booked for about a year in advance?

I thought I read that a while ago?

Nope Nevermind...


Taking from his site....

Paul Booth is not currently taking appointments due to the overwhelming backlog of requests. His main interest is in large scale, multiple sitting work and therefore it is difficult to estimate availability. Contrary to popular myth, Paul still tattoos on a regular basis (and you don't have to be a rockstar to get in the chair).

Paul is still very interested in hearing your idea so if you are dead serious please feel free to fill out this form. As Paul finds time for new clients he will review these applications and contact you if he feels yours is the right project. As far as conventions go, Paul is only doing a few here and there and is strictly first come first serve. Check our Scorndates for convention schedules. Your patience is appreciated...

If you can catch him at a convention, get to the show on thursday when all the artists show up and hang out in the bar..if he shows up, buy him a drink and just go up and talk to him. I've known people to do this and get an appointment for that weekend.

oh, and bring lots of money, that helps too.

I may have to try that tactic.


bring lots and lots of cash!

He is a really good artist, but I wouldn't want his work on me.

Yeah, his stuff is a bit on the dark side, lol.

The tattoo on his face was one of the last tattoos that Filip Leu's father, Felix did before he passed away.

I have no clue what it reminds me of some kind of crazy millipede.

could a simple white boy like me that where's J Crew but loves tats get in and out of there alive? the website is pretty cool

Yeah dude. I heard that Paul Booth is actually kindof a quiet, wussy type guy. He just likes to look scary.