The Asia Fightsport End of Year Awards 2012

Unbiased, unhindered by incentive, the End of Year Awards!

Asia MMA & Muay Thai: best fight, fighter (both sports and genders), best performance, most stunning participant, best chin, leading promotion, the works.

Vote wisely young jedis



in comments, via facebook (and in person around Phuket) it seems Striegs is overwhelming fan favourite for Fighter of the Year.

And to think he was initially just an "honourable mention". Sorry Striegs

MT Fighter of the Year in agreement with my views - Aikpracha - and not enough comments or opinions given on the other categories, other than Fight of the Year and Striegs winning the most STUNNING category


If anyone on this forum watches Asian MMA and Muay Thai, if you occasionally tune in to One FC, or even if you've vaguely heard of the existence of a continent called Asia, cast a vote; go on, it's only fear