The Aussie rules football 2021 season thread

Yeah that’s why I said you might be right haha

Fucken aye should’ve done footy tipping.

Freo supporter here

They got fucking thumped today and their physio staff should be sacked given how many early preventable injuries have happened this season

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Cleaning up on right now. In the top 300/226000

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Nice mate is there a prize for placing?

The blues played well today though mate.

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Probably get the same result the other way if it was played in Perth though I recon. Fremantle are a 10 goal better result team at home.

Yeah Carlton don’t travel too well.

Vic to Sydney and SA is ok but Vic to WA is fucked. Travelling to the other side of the country more or less.

Absolute robbery tonight. I’m not normally one to blame the umps but holy hell the amount of non frees Sydney got away with was doing my head in.

Great effort though, can’t ask for much more than that. Tell you what, we have some damn good kids.


36 tackles in the last quarter! They fought right to the end, definitely something to take from that.

Not going to lie I’m absolutely filthy with the umpires from last night. Having said that our 2nd quarter let us down.

Proud of the bombers though

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Oh yeah Blakey’s a dog

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Eagles were pathetic in the second half. Saints too good.

Great win by the saints