The Aussie rules football 2021 season thread

All good mate. Back in Perth now after living in Melbourne for 18 months. Impeccable timing living through all the lockdowns, curfews etc and having to see Dan Andrew’s every day!

Footy has been average from the Eagles, your mob are looking good. Certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the Dockers win on the weekend. Depending on what peanut McGowan decides I might be at the game.

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This weeks tips!

Derby day is here, c’mon the Dockers!! I can feel the win

Plus the fights are on,today is what I like to call super Sundays

Not your greatest work ha

Only 11 in a row Milo :joy:

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Well then, eagles were just to good, horrible new song, but great game by the eagles

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I’ve just started watching the AFL doco, making their mark. I’m really enjoying it, pretty good insight into some players and clubs. Hearing Leon Cameron swear his heart out and give good old fashioned bakes to players is great.
Feels a lot like local footy in that regards, don’t know why but I assumed coaches took a softer approach these days so hearing some coaches losing their shit at the players is excellent.

Football? You mean Foosball or soccer. Football is an American sport.

foosball and nocturnal vigilantism GIF

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Haha fuuuck. Was ranked 21/333,000 before the round began on, moved back a bit now. :man_shrugging: