The Aussie rules football 2021 season thread

Well well well Milo.

Nice to beat the dockers but fuck me, what a horrendous game to watch. The skill errors were off the chart. At least we won, but jesus christ that game was fuckin hard to watch.


Congrats cunts

I actually enjoyed the game, well apart from the ending,something about indoors games look good to me I suppose


It was a scrappy game for sure but it was well contested I liked it. Lost my voice from going off when tippy bounced through that goal.

Good game to the freo boys, well done.


What the actual fark is going on with the Bombers!?
Are we…are we becoming a decent team?


That’s the booze from last night speaking Jobe, actually you guys look good. Cunts

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It very well could be the booze, had a big one after last night’s victory. I’m just fuckin stunned at the fight we are showing. Also proves Worsfold was a dead set muppet.


It was a great win dude, I’m hoping Dockers can pull off the upset again port, but I’m realistic

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GG Bombers. Eagles think the game ends when you are 5 goals up!!! I don’t why Woosha was ever rated high as a coach - Judd, Cousins, Cox, Kerr etc etc didn’t need coaching back in 05 / 06.

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It’s that pressure Jobe, we butchered the absolute fuck outta the ball in the 1st half .

Our skills and decision making still needs work but we are elite in tackling pressure. Statistically the best I think. Pressure creates turnovers and our forwards are playing well. Hookers up there in the Coleman race and Harry Jones has become an option up there.

We will still be exposed by the better teams but Rutten is making Dodoro look good at the moment. To be fair Hind and Wright were steals.

We need to keep putting game time into the youngsters and make sure we develop them right and for fuck sake resign Merrett. Parish already resigned for two years.

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He was coach in 92 too though wasn’t he??

Woosha definitely phoned it in with Essendon, I was furious at how much he was sucking off West Coast when they beat us out the finals.

Well didn’t get the chocolates, but showed some heart for not giving up, and fighting back

Ha the commentary was brutal, I mean I think freo may be the worst team for accuracy in front of goal but we will get there

Nah Malthouse was coach in 92 and 94. He was the captain.

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Fucken oath, cheers

Yank here, is it acceptable to like Power and the Pies? In America it is against the rules to like both the Yankees and the Red Sox but I don’t know anything about AFL rivalries.

Generally people only support one team, but have at it bro