The Avellan Bros

These guys are not only great grapplers, but they seem to be some of the coolest and humble guys around.

I really enjoyed their bio. I wish I could find the match with Rener.

If you have the time, it's a good listen:

 They couldn't be cooler.

Kirik -  They couldn't be cooler.

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One of the brothers has been teaching some fight psychology classes. I believe you can watch them on youtube. Really interesting.


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Youtube Avellon's match with Terrell. :^{o

I didn't see this thread!  Thanks guys, much appreciated!

And if you guys like our stuff, please check out my brother's Kimura Trap DVD series, it gets launched next week, you can see it here:  We are both super excited, it is our first DVD instructional series!


 Been watching David's webinars and chatted to him in brief spurts online.   Great technique and seems liek a cool guy

Dan, he has another webinar tomorrow:

Some of my favorite people!

I've always loved these brothers and they truly know the respect, honor, @ loyalty, that comes along with martial arts. I wish i lived by them! I would be there every single night!! Complete studs and class acts!! Not to mention they are not just GRAPPLERS! They are fighters as well!!! much respect!
By the way, no disrespect to "just grapplers" only out there!! Some Grapplers only are complete studs and would do great in mma. MMA is just not everyone's interest. Grappling and BJJ (GI N0-Gi) is something you can do the rest of your life.

Both are awesome...that said,I still can't tell them apart.

great guys

Hubby Alan really enjoys their videos. Check out

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Their webinars have been great, so have Allan's.

Thanks to the whole bunch, learning a lot.