The baddest woman in slap fighting has arrived

‘Tekka’ walks into a bar and slaps you on your a**. What do you do?




I’m in love with Tekka…


Misha Tate took too long to finish butterbean. Bean’s slaps looked so weak, no hip movement or snap.

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My goodness I want to slap the fuck out of Tekka. Her eyes rolling around, hair flying. Idk I’m hard.


Ask her if she does anal

I’m sure both of these girls do anal.

Blows to a face with plastic surgery cant be a good idea.

That dude didn’t even look like he was trying.

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Did they show up for the same event?

Tough looking shaved head girl had nothing. Pillow slaps.

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Deathslap with the worst nickname ever

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She should be made an honorary Diaz. Stockton Slap Tekka!

Ive been watching some of the older slap fight vids, holy shit is this ever funny

Wolverine is an absolute machine!!

I’m honestly surprised how weak their slaps are. I mean the slap at 3:45 is just pitiful. I was expecting some big Gabi Garcia type broads laying some massive slaps. That dyke has twigs for arms.

It’s all fun and games until somebody collapses and bounces their eyebrow off the fukn metal drum they set up between them. Are the people in charge ignorant or sadistic assholes? I’m a fan by the way.

I’d ejaculate

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Happened in the super heavyweight slap fight, can’t remember the names maybe slug vs highlander… he slapped him out cold and he head butted the barrel on the way down.