The Barn Cat v Spratt video out

The Barn Cat vs. Spratt video now available. Check into it.

ufc on demand

Enter "Tamdan" in the search criteria cuz I don't know how to get the
god damn link working.


Thanks man.

trying to download it now. damn internet is slow as hell at Dulles Airport !!

come on bro this wasn't the link we were looking for j/k lol

It's common knowledge that I suck at the internet.

So what are your thoughts, tuffs and tuffettes?

Probably would have finished Spratt off with the RNC early if he hadn't been dropped right on his dome.

Great fight.

I'm sorry, but I wasn't impressed with Tamdan at all. He may be a good guy, but sheesh he got man handled.

He can thank his lucky stars that Spratt jumped into his triangle, otherwise he would have been under Spratt for another round and a half. Not a good sign when Spratt has you in side control and mounted numerous times.

170ers will be throwing him around like a rag doll and won't be jumping into any gift submissions.

Alot of heart though.

He needs to drop the, "I'm a nerd, you're going to get beat up by a nerd" schtick though. Nobody gives a shit if he's a dork. He's a fighter, end of story.

I think we have evolved past not to discount someone in the fight game by their appereance back when Royce was running shit.

He had a couple of nice takedowns and seemed like good aggression before he got slammed on his noggin twice.

I've seen just about all of Tamdan's fights and you could tell that the slam hurt him. He didn't look at all like himself on the ground in round 1. It looked to take the wind right out of him.

Maybe. Getting slammed sucks, especially on your head.

And Spratt can thank his lucky stars that Tamdan cracked his head
against the bottom of the cage or he would've been out RNC style ...

When did Tamdan crack his head on the bottom of the cage?

It looked like getting slammed by Spratt was what put him on queer street and what got Spratt out of the RNC.

Pete stands up with Tamdan on his back and when he slams him back
down Tamdan hits his head.

Tamdan is only 20 yrs old. A 20 yr old strength is a lot different than a 24-32yr old man strength. He is only going to get stronger and he will improve his techniques over time. Pete Spratt is a tough competitor and has had some great wins in the UFC and to have a 20yr old kid come in and beat him, is impressive to say the least.

It is impressive, great win for McCrory.

"""And Spratt can thank his lucky stars that Tamdan cracked his head
against the bottom of the cage or he would've been out RNC style ...

Sound like Tamdons lucky that slam didnt KO him,,, You guys are
really riding this win considiring your guy was getting dominated the
whole fight. Just give it a rest Tamdon won but still got dominated, it is
what it is.

You're right bdog ... it is what it is ... A WIN.

Last time I checked, "his guy" is undefeated and 1-0 with a win via submission in the UFC.