the beast is awakening!!!!!!!

KC Chiefs!!!

Defense has an emerging rookie, 4th round pick Jared Allen, a wildman, defense is going to be playing much tighter the rest of the year, plus who's gonna stop Priest? NOBODY, so watch out.

Pretty impressive win today. However I do not think you have enough to compete with Denver this year. Especially now that Reuben is running so well. Allen was pretty impressive though, what amazed me was the 8 rushing touchdowns. Pretty awesome. I hate you guys, but that was a great win for you. Looking forward to meeting you again that the end of the year. Though we may have the division wrapped up so who knows how we will approach that game.


LOL? Priest is the best RB in the NFL. He had a 20 yard run called back against the jags on a BS penatly, so counting that he was easily over 100, plus Jags got the best run defense in the NFL and he still ran on them, no one can stop him, period. Well, winning is all that counts, no shit, should start calling you John Madden.

Colts will not come into our house and fuck with us again. I'll back up my team, no matter what, I'll never claim we'll be the best until we win it all unlike 303 who thinks Champ is unbeatable but got beat by a guy who's barely a top ten WR this week.

Finally playing like they should. Even the receivers are playing to their ability. All those points without having to force it to Tony G, the offenses unused weapon. The offense is gelling, and the defense looks to be playing team ball. KC will beat the Colts next week. :)

Um, I hate to bring bad news, but your team is 2-4, and needs to win every single game for the rest of the year probably to go to the playoffs. Champ Bailey is the best corner in the NFL, did he get beat on Monday? Yes. However he held you beloved Tony Gonzalez to two cathces in our game, he shut his ass down. The reason I think that Denver will make a run at the Super Bowl is they have an incredible defense, the have the best running game in the NFL, and thier offense love em or hate em is ranked 5th in the NFL. Now it is up to them to put the pieces together and make it work. Did I think we were going to go undefeated? No. Do I think we will lose a couple more games? Yes. We just need to get to the playoffs, from that point on everything is a crap shoot anyway. Oh, by the way, you played ONE good game on defense, hardly enough to say you have a good D now, and Indy will beat you at home this weekend shattering your playoff plans.


"Peyton Manning and the Colts will look as impressive against the Chiefs as the Chiefs looked against Atlanta."

And I disagree with this statement.After seeing what the chiefs did to the Falcons last week, has me wondering if their offense has found a good rhythm again.Also as we all know, the Colts defense is nothing special.Ranked 31st in the NFL.But, Im only picking the chiefs because they will be at home.

Chiefs 31-24 Colts

"I disagree with 303 when he says KC needs to win the rest of their games to go to the playoffs."

Denver has a lock on the division and you are looking at teams like the Jets, Pats, (whoever loses that division) or the Jags or Colts (whoever loses that division) up for the wild card. We are half way through the season and the Chiefs have won two games. They might be able to lose one game, but I have a feeling that 10-6 ain't gonna cut it this year cause a lot of teams wil finish with that record, including, hopefully not though, the Broncos. I am guessing either 12-4 or 11-5. We will win the division though. I have a feeling KC is going to get killed this week.


"the beast is awakening!!!!!!!"

Yep, the STEELERS are looking great!

what a lovely day, Priest had 225 total yards and 3 TD's, tony g had 125 and 2 TD's, our defense is playing better as time goes on I guess due to getting better under their new coordinator, Trent at one point completed 14 straight passes, amazing, then I got to enjoy seeing the team we beat 56-10 last week beat pimp the Bronco's.

Peyton did have a huge game, he's the best QB in the game and we had our way with Vick last week but Peyton is totally different, he's the least sacked QB in the league because he torches you when you blitz, he audibles every damn play and is smarter than hell, we had a few key stops and a 4th quarter INT to seal the deal.

BTW, Pittsburg has always had good WR's and Roethlisberger is impressive for sure.

LOL, you act like you are going to the Super Bowl, seriously, it is still the same team with the same shitty defense. Lets not get to excited here. It is still going to take 6 wins in 8 more games (I don't think you have had the bye yet) to even be considered for the playoffs. It was a pretty damn fun game to watch though. I think the score would have been the same only flipped if you played at their place, two great offenseive teams with absolutely no defense always makes for a great game.


this week showed us alot of things. number one atop that list is that Pittsburgh is the most complete team in the NFL

"the beast is awakening!!!!!!!"
Yep, the STEELERS are looking great!

"this week showed us alot of things. number one atop that list is that Pittsburgh is the most complete team in the NFL "